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The ideal window film for HR++ glass: SQUID window textiles

Are you looking for the best window film for HR++ glass? Do you want to maintain energy efficiency while enjoying privacy and stylish window decoration? Discover why Squid Window Textiles are the ideal choice for your HR++ glass.

The advantages of HR++ glass:

HR++ glass, also known as high-efficiency glass, is a smart investment for your home. It is designed to improve energy efficiency and minimize heat loss. This type of glass consists of two panes of glass with an insulating layer, which keeps the heat in and reduces energy consumption. With HR++ glass your home remains comfortable, regardless of the season.

Window film for HR++ glass: The importance of the right choice

When selecting window film for HR++ glass, it is essential to choose a film that does not affect the thermal insulation of the glass. Maintaining the energy efficiency of HR++ glass is crucial to take full advantage of the benefits this type of glass offers. Choosing the wrong film can reduce the insulating capacity and affect the performance of the glass.

HR++ glas raamfolie

Why SQUID is the best choice?

Squid window textiles have been specially developed to fit perfectly with HR++ glass, making it the ideal window film solution. This innovative textile film not only offers privacy and protection against harmful UV radiation, but also retains the insulating properties of the HR++ glass.

What distinguishes Squid Window Textiles from other window films is the unique combination of functionality and aesthetics. With a wide range of styles and structures you can create the perfect look for your windows, while enjoying the benefits of HR++ glass. Whether you want a modern, minimalist look or want to create a natural, warm atmosphere, Squid Window Textiles offers the options to meet your wishes.


The easy installation and removal make Squid Window Textiles a user-friendly choice. The film is easy to apply and removed safely, without any damage to the HR++ glass. This means that you can easily replace or remove the foil if you want to adjust your interior or create a new look.

In addition to functionality and aesthetics, SQUID offers even more advantages for HR++ glass. This foil is durable and of high quality. It is resistant to UV rays, moisture and temperature changes, ensuring a long service life and maintaining its functionality even in demanding conditions. In addition, Squid Window Textiles are PVC-free and made from 100% recyclable materials, making it an environmentally friendly choice that matches the sustainability of HR++ glass.

Choose the perfect combination of functionality, style and sustainability

HR+++ glas

Another aspect that makes Squid Window Textiles the ideal choice is the ability to customize them to your specific needs. Whether you want full coverage for maximum privacy or cover part of the window to preserve visibility, Squid Window Textiles can be cut to size and customized to your needs.

Finally, Squid window textiles are also easy to maintain. It can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth and mild soap, keeping it always looking fresh and bright.

In short, if you are looking for the ideal window film for HR++ glass, Squid Window Textiles are the best choice. It maintains the energy efficiency of the glass, provides privacy and stylish window treatments, and is durable and easy to maintain. With SQUID you can enjoy the advantages of HR++ without sacrificing functionality or aesthetics.

Choose the perfect combination of functionality, style and durability with Squid Window Textiles for your HR++ glass.

Kies voor de perfecte combinatie van functionaliteit, stijl en duurzaamheid met Squid Raamtextiel voor jouw HR++ glas. Bring your favorite into your home!