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How to install SQUID in easy steps?

Install SQUID in 9 easy steps

Step 1: Gather tools

You will need: scissors, spatula, utility knife and window cleaner to degrease the window (alcohol, ammonia)

Step 2: Clean window

Carefully clean and degrease the glass. Then dry the window with a fiber-free cloth

Step 3: Cut to size

Measure the window in height and width. Cut the SQUID and allow for an overlap of 5 cm on each side

Step 4: Peel SQUID

Peel off about ~20 cm of the SQUID plastic wrap so that the sticky side is exposed

Step 5: Stick 20cm of SQUID

Carefully centre and stick the 20cm SQUID without foil to the top of the window so that your SQUID is now hanging on the window

Step 6: Peel and stick

Peel off the foil little by little (every 20 cm), while gently rubbing the SQUID against the window, from top to bottom and from the center outwards

Step 7: Activate glue

Once all the foil is gone and all the SQUID sticks to the window, use the spatula to press the SQUID against the glass to activate the adhesive. Press from the center outwards

Step 8: Cut edges

Place the spatula next to the silicone edge of the window and hold the blade against the inside of the spatula. Cut off the 5cm excess edges. Use a new blade every 2m to prevent fraying

Step 9: Finish up

Press the spatula firmly over the entire surface of SQUID again, both horizontally and vertically, to activate all the adhesive. All done! Have fun with SQUID!