Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between traditional window foil and Squid?
Traditional plastic foil lets some light through, but isn't see-through. So you can't look through it to see outside like you can with Squid. Plastic foil also has...
Can I use Squid on the outside of my window or door?
No, Squid has been developed for interior use only.
Can I use Squid in combination with other window decorations?
Absolutely. You can combine Squid with any other type of window decoration in rooms where you want extra privacy in the evenings.
Can I darken my room with Squid?
Partially. Squid wasn't developed specifically to darken rooms, but the fabric blocks some light from coming in. The darkest colour (Rock) is the most suitable for...
How can I clean my Squid?
You can remove dust from Squid with a microfibre cloth or vacuum with a brush. Washing or cleaning with chemicals impairs its stickiness, so this must be avoided...