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What types of privacy film are there and what are the differences?

Window privacy films are a commonly used solution to create privacy in your home or office, without sacrificing natural light. There are various types of privacy film available, each with their own characteristics and benefits. In this article we will discuss the most common types of privacy film and explain why Squid Window Film is the best choice.

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Types of window privacy films

Adhesive film: Colorful and versatile

Adhesive film is a well-known option when it comes to privacy film. It is a thin, self-adhesive film that can be applied directly to the glass. With adhesive film you can personalize your windows by choosing from different colors and patterns. This foil offers some privacy by limiting the view from outside. However, it can reduce light penetration and have a 'tacky' appearance. Additionally, it can be difficult to remove adhesive film without leaving any residue, which can cause problems when you want to replace or remove it.


Reflective foils: Privacy during the day

Another commonly used form of anti-glare film is reflective film, also known as one-way mirror film. This foil creates privacy during the day through reflection of sunlight. This means that people from the outside cannot see in, while you can look out from the inside. The disadvantage of reflective foil is that at night, when the interior lighting is on, the tables can turn and people from outside can look in. This can lead to a lack of privacy when you need it most.

Sun protection foil: Privacy and protection against sunlight

Another option is tinted film, which is used to reduce sunlight and heat and provide some degree of privacy. Tinted foil is available in different shades, ranging from light to dark. In addition to privacy, tinted film also offers protection against harmful UV rays, which is beneficial for furniture and interior. However, it can limit light and create a dark effect on the windows, which can affect the overall appearance of the room and create a gloomy feeling.


Textile window films

Squid Window Film distinguishes itself as a high-quality alternative to traditional privacy films. The unique thing about SQUID is that it is made of high-quality textile. This gives it a natural and luxurious look that fits perfectly with modern interiors. Unlike other films, Squid Window Film is transparent and allows natural light to pass through, so you can enjoy a bright interior and a beautiful view outside.

What sets Squid Window Film apart is its easy installation compared to the plastic alternatives. You can easily apply it yourself, without professional help. Additionally, it leaves no residue on the glass upon removal, making it effortless to replace or remove without damaging the surface.

In addition, Squid Window Film also offers other advantages, such as sun protection properties. It helps reduce heat transfer, keeping the temperature in the room comfortable even on hot summer days. This can lead to energy savings because you are less dependent on air conditioning to regulate the temperature.


anti-inkijkfolie raamfolie

Durable and high-quality window film

In terms of durability and quality, Squid Window Film is an excellent choice. The textile material is sturdy and resistant to discoloration, even when exposed to sunlight and moisture. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of SQUID window films for a long time without it losing its appearance.

At SQUID we also understand the importance of privacy without compromising on stylish design. Our window film not only provides privacy, but also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your interior. The textile material creates a warm and luxurious appearance that fits perfectly with different interior styles.

In short, when it comes to anti-visibility film, Squid Window Textiles are the best choice. With its transparency, easy installation, sun protection properties and durability, it offers the perfect balance between privacy, functionality and aesthetics. Upgrade your home or office with Squid Window Textiles and enjoy privacy and natural light in style. Discover the Squid experience today and see for yourself why it is the best option for privacy films.

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