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SQUID for business

This page is intended for professionals who use SQUID in their residential and/or commercial projects

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Why use SQUID in your projects?


SQUID is an alternative to plastic window films, transparent curtains or slats. It allows you to see outside, but keeps people from looking in during the day


SQUID is woven, giving it a warm, natural and textured feel. Click here to see SQUID realizations


SQUID is a patented to be used in damp rooms and provides UV protection for inside. See SQUID's Technical Specifications here: Transparent and Opaque


The high-quality Latex substrate is perfect for digital printing with UV and eco-solvent printers. Contact one of our SQUID Application Partners (SAP) to help you print your custom designs. Click here for more examples

Cut in shapes

Create unique looks by laser-cutting a custom design. Work with one of our SQUID Application Partners (SAP) to cut your custom designs. Click here for more examples


SQUID is produced in Belgium and certified by many quality labels (ISO, Oeko-Tex 100, Sanitized, B1 M1) to allow usage in commercial projects. It has been used in healthcare, office spaces, retail and hospitality

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Obtained quality labels

Free from harmful substances

OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 sets the benchmark for textile safety, from yarn to finished product. SQUID is certified as free from all harmful substances

Antibacterial and antifungal

SQUID has been treated with active agents that prevent the growth of various micro-organisms and is therefore particularly suitable for application in hospitals, nursing homes, surgeries, laboratories, etc. It can therefore also be used in rooms with high humidity, like bathrooms and kitchens

Fire resistant

SQUID has very limited contribution to fire according to European Standard EN-13501-1 

  • B: Combustible materials – very limited contribution to fire
  • s1: Smoke emissions absent or very little
  • d0: No burning droplets


For the treatment of this fabric, no use at all was made of PVC, i.e. it’s free of any emollients or stabilisers.

Technical sheet

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