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What is SQUID?


One-way privacy

SQUID is an alternative to plastic window films, transparent curtains or blinds. It allows you to see outside, but keeps people from looking in during the day

Stylish and natural character

SQUID is made out of textile, giving it a warm and natural feel with a linen-look. It is available in 6 colors to fit your interior. Scroll down for more inspiration

Easy to install

SQUID is easy to install yourself in no time. It sticks directly to your window. This means you don't need to drill or install fixtures. It can also be cut into any shape, making SQUID the ideal solution for difficult window shapes

Sun resistant

SQUID can provide a cooling effect of up to -3°C (stronger with lighter colors) by reflecting the Sun and protects your interior from UV exposure

Easy to clean

After SQUID is installed, you will save time! No more washing windows or dry-cleaning curtains. SQUID itself can be cleaned easily while it is on the window. Go to cleaning instructions video

Compatible with large windows

SQUID rolls are standard 1.3m wide, but they can be installed easily side-by-side for a seamless joint to cover larger surfaces

Compatible with high-efficiency glass (HR+++)

Plastic window films can cause thermal cracking of the glass. Contrary to these films, SQUID can be applied to high-efficiency glass (HR+++) due to its open structure. We recommend to cover the whole window and avoid the color Coal

Compatible with damp rooms

SQUID is patented to be used in damp rooms (e.g., kitchens, bathrooms). Still, we recommend to avoid direct contact with water and keep your rooms ventilated

Sun glare reducing

SQUID reflects up to a third of the solar rays, making it ideal to take the edge off sun glaring in TV, computer or projector screens


Example projects with SQUID transparent

SQUID by night and day: time lapse video

Example projects with SQUID Opaque